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Is ISO considered GMP?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are both quality management systems that aim to ensure product safety and consistency. While they have similar objectives, there are differences between these two standards.

What is ISO?

ISO is a globally recognized standard that focuses on general quality management principles. It provides guidelines and requirements for organizations to establish an effective quality management system. ISO certification demonstrates an organization's commitment to consistently meeting customer expectations and improving overall performance.

What is GMP?

GMP, on the other hand, is a specific set of regulations that govern the production and quality control of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food products. GMP ensures that manufacturers follow strict procedures to maintain product safety and prevent contamination or errors during manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and storage.

Are ISO and GMP interchangeable?

While ISO certification can enhance a company's reputation and indicate its commitment to quality, it does not guarantee compliance with GMP regulations. ISO standards cover a broader range of industries and criteria, while GMP focuses specifically on manufacturing practices related to health and safety.

Although ISO-certified companies may already comply with some GMP requirements, additional measures specific to the pharmaceutical or food industry may be necessary to meet full GMP compliance. It is important for organizations in these industries to understand and adhere to the specific GMP guidelines applicable to their products.


In summary, while ISO and GMP share similarities in promoting quality management, they are not interchangeable. ISO is a broader standard that applies to various industries, whereas GMP focuses on ensuring safe and reliable manufacturing practices in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industries. Organizations should strive for both ISO certification and GMP compliance to demonstrate their commitment to quality and product safety.


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