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What is BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017?


BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing thorough technical articles. This standard aims to ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy across various industries. In this article, we will delve deeper into the key aspects of BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 and discuss its significance.

Key Requirements

One of the primary objectives of BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 is to establish a set of requirements that technical writers should adhere to while composing technical articles. These requirements encompass various aspects such as structure, language, content, and formatting.

The standard emphasizes the importance of organizing the article effectively, ensuring logical flow, and using appropriate headings, subheadings, and numbering systems. It also encourages the use of clear and concise language, avoiding jargon and complex terminology that may hinder understanding.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 highlights the significance of accurate and well-researched content, providing reliable information to the readers. It stresses the need for proper citation and referencing of sources to maintain credibility and allow readers to access additional information if required.

Benefits and Compliance

Adhering to the guidelines outlined in BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 offers several benefits to both technical writers and readers. By following the standard, writers can ensure that their articles are easily understandable, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or confusion.

Complying with BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 also helps in creating articles that are consistent in structure and formatting. This consistency enhances the overall reading experience and facilitates better comprehension of complex technical concepts.

Moreover, by incorporating accurate and reliable content, technical writers can establish their credibility and expertise in their respective fields. This leads to increased trust among readers and encourages further engagement with the articles and related materials.


BS EN ISO 10797:2012+A1:2017 serves as a valuable standard for technical writers, providing comprehensive guidelines to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical articles. By following these guidelines, writers can ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy, leading to enhanced understanding and engagement from readers. Complying with this standard offers numerous benefits and enables writers to create impactful technical articles that effectively communicate complex information.


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