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What is UL 568?

UL 568 is a widely recognized standard in the field of electrical safety. It defines the requirements for industrial plugs, receptacles, and connectors used in various applications. Compliance with UL 568 ensures that electrical equipment meets the necessary safety standards, promoting the protection of users and preventing potential hazards.

Importance of UL 568

UL 568 plays a critical role in ensuring the safe operation of electrical devices across different industries. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate the reliability of their products and provide reassurance to end-users. The rigorous testing procedures outlined in UL 568 help identify any potential risks associated with the use of electrical connectors and aid in the development of safer and more durable products.

Key Requirements of UL 568

One of the main requirements of UL 568 is the construction and durability of connectors. The standard specifies the materials, design, and performance criteria for plugs, receptacles, and other connectors to ensure they can withstand the demands of their intended applications. Additionally, UL 568 outlines standards for temperature ratings, current-carrying capacities, and voltage ratings, all of which are essential factors in determining the suitability of connectors for specific electrical systems.

Another crucial aspect covered by UL 568 is safety. The standard establishes guidelines for grounding and polarization of connectors to protect against electric shock and to prevent equipment damage. It also addresses issues like short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and resistance to environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, and heat. Compliance with these safety requirements enables the proper functioning of electrical systems and reduces the risk of accidents or failures.


In conclusion, UL 568 is an essential standard that ensures the safety and reliability of electrical connectors used in industrial settings. Compliance with this standard not only protects users but also promotes efficiency and productivity by minimizing operational risks. Manufacturers, engineers, and consumers should be familiar with UL 568 and its requirements to make informed decisions regarding the selection and use of electrical connectors.


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