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What is ISO 25239:2016?

ISO 25239:2016 is an international standard that specifies requirements and provides guidance on the methods for evaluating the performance of protective coating systems. It is applicable to both new and existing offshore structures, such as oil platforms, pipelines, and other marine structures.

The Importance of ISO 25239:2016

Protective coating systems serve a crucial role in safeguarding offshore structures from corrosion and other environmental damages. The harsh marine environment poses significant challenges, and without adequate protection, these structures can deteriorate over time, leading to safety risks and expensive repairs or replacements. ISO 25239:2016 sets out the necessary criteria for assessing the effectiveness and durability of coating systems, helping ensure the long-term integrity and reliability of offshore structures.

Key Requirements and Guidelines

ISO 25239:2016 covers various aspects related to the performance evaluation of protective coating systems. It outlines requirements for coating materials, application procedures, testing methods, and inspection protocols. The standard also provides guidelines on assessing the adherence, thickness, corrosion resistance, and other critical characteristics of the coatings. By implementing the recommendations of ISO 25239:2016, organizations can enhance their coating processes and ensure compliance with industry best practices.

Benefits for Industry Professionals

ISO 25239:2016 offers several benefits for industry professionals involved in designing, constructing, and maintaining offshore structures. Firstly, it establishes a common language and framework for evaluating coating system performance, enabling effective communication among stakeholders. Secondly, the standard facilitates reliable quality control measures by outlining specific requirements for inspections and tests. This helps identify any defects or issues early on, preventing costly rework or failures in the field. Lastly, ISO 25239:2016 promotes continuous improvement by encouraging organizations to review and optimize their coating systems based on the latest scientific and technological advancements.


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