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What is ISO-IEC18047:2015

ISO-IEC18047:2015 is a technical standard that defines the specifications for a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) air interface protocol. This protocol enables communication between RFID tags and readers, allowing for the exchange of information wirelessly.

Understanding the Purpose

The purpose of ISO-IEC18047:2015 is to provide a standardized framework for RFID technology implementation. By establishing a common set of guidelines and requirements, this standard ensures interoperability and compatibility between different RFID systems worldwide.

ISO-IEC18047:2015 specifies various parameters for RFID systems, such as operating frequency, power levels, modulation schemes, anti-collision protocols, and data encoding formats. These parameters enable consistent and reliable communication between RFID devices from different manufacturers, eliminating potential barriers to widespread adoption.

Key Features and Benefits

One of the key features of ISO-IEC18047:2015 is its support for multiple operating frequencies. This allows RFID systems to operate in different regions and regulatory environments without interference. The standard also defines power classes, which categorize RFID readers based on their transmit power capabilities.

Another important feature of ISO-IEC18047:2015 is its anti-collision mechanism. This ensures that RFID readers can handle multiple RFID tags within their range simultaneously, avoiding data collisions and enabling efficient tag identification. The standard also specifies data encoding formats, ensuring compatibility and readability of information exchanged between RFID tags and readers.

The benefits of ISO-IEC18047:2015 are numerous. First and foremost, it promotes global interoperability and compatibility between RFID systems. This enables seamless integration of RFID technology into various industries, including supply chain management, logistics, retail, healthcare, and asset tracking.

Furthermore, ISO-IEC18047:2015 provides a foundation for reliable and secure RFID-based applications. By following the standard's guidelines, system designers and manufacturers can ensure their RFID solutions are robust, accurate, and resistant to interference or data corruption.


ISO-IEC18047:2015 plays a crucial role in the widespread adoption and implementation of RFID technology. It establishes a common set of guidelines and specifications that enable interoperability, compatibility, and reliability between different RFID systems.

With its support for multiple operating frequencies, anti-collision mechanism, and standardized data encoding formats, ISO-IEC18047:2015 provides the necessary framework for seamless integration of RFID technology into various industries. Its benefits extend beyond improved operational efficiency to include enhanced security, accuracy, and global interoperability.


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