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What is EN ISO 9529:2012

EN ISO 9529:2012 is a standard that specifies technical requirements for the design and implementation of documentation for computer-based systems. It provides guidelines for creating thorough technical documentation that ensures efficient communication between system developers, users, and maintainers.

The Importance of Technical Documentation

Technical documentation plays a crucial role in various aspects of computer-based systems. It serves as a comprehensive guide for system developers during the design and implementation phase. It offers valuable information to system users regarding installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Additionally, technical documentation assists system maintainers in carrying out maintenance tasks effectively.

Components of EN ISO 9529:2012

EN ISO 9529:2012 primarily consists of three components:

Structuring Information: This component emphasizes organizing information in a logical and coherent manner. It includes structuring content hierarchically, using headings, subheadings, tables, and figures.

Content and Language: EN ISO 9529:2012 also focuses on the clarity and accuracy of the content. Clear and concise language should be used, avoiding jargon whenever possible. The document should also provide appropriate references and definitions of terms.

Visual Presentation: Visual elements such as illustrations, diagrams, and screenshots are essential to enhance understanding. It is recommended to use consistent formatting, font styles, and page layouts throughout the document.

Benefits of Implementing EN ISO 9529:2012

By adhering to the guidelines outlined in EN ISO 9529:2012, several benefits can be achieved:

Improved Usability: Well-structured and comprehensive technical documentation enhances the usability of computer-based systems, making it easier for users to understand and operate them.

Reduced Errors and Failures: Clear instructions and troubleshooting guidelines provided in the documentation help prevent errors and reduce system failures.

Efficient Maintenance: Thorough technical documentation facilitates efficient maintenance by providing maintainers with the necessary information for diagnosing and solving issues.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with EN ISO 9529:2012 ensures that the technical documentation meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, EN ISO 9529:2012 is a crucial standard that provides guidance for creating thorough technical documentation for computer-based systems. Adhering to this standard improves usability, reduces errors and failures, enables efficient maintenance, and ensures regulatory compliance. It serves as a valuable resource for system developers, users, and maintainers, facilitating effective communication and enhancing the overall quality of computer-based systems.


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