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What is UL61010-1?

UL61010-1 is a standard that outlines the safety requirements for electrical equipment used in laboratories, testing facilities, and other similar environments. This standard, developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), ensures that electrical equipment operates safely and does not pose a risk to users or the surrounding environment.

Safety Requirements

The safety requirements outlined in UL61010-1 cover various aspects of electrical equipment design and operation. These include protection against electric shock, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, and radiation hazards. Manufacturers must comply with these requirements to obtain UL certification, demonstrating that their products are safe to use.

Electrical Shock Hazards

One of the main concerns addressed by UL61010-1 is the prevention of electrical shock hazards. Electrical equipment must be constructed and insulated in such a way that the user is protected from direct contact with live or hazardous parts. Grounding and insulation requirements are specified to minimize the risk of electric shock.

Fire and Mechanical Hazards

UL61010-1 also addresses fire and mechanical hazards. The standard sets forth requirements for materials used in equipment construction to prevent fires and reduce the risk of mechanical failures that could harm users. It covers aspects such as flammability, resistance to ignition, and robustness of components.

Radiation Hazards

Additionally, UL61010-1 addresses radiation hazards associated with electrical equipment. Requirements for equipment that emits electromagnetic radiation, such as X-ray devices, are defined to ensure users' safety. Compliance with these requirements includes labeling, shielding, and restrictions on emitted radiation levels.


UL61010-1 provides guidelines and specifications that promote the safe use of electrical equipment in laboratories and similar environments. Compliance with this standard ensures that products have undergone rigorous testing and meet established safety criteria. By adhering to UL61010-1, manufacturers can reassure consumers that their equipment is reliable and will not pose a risk during operation.


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