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What is BS EN ISO 14169:2012 ?

Title: What is BS EN ISO 14169:2012? A Technical Standard for Evaluating Performance Characteristics of Industrial Machinery

The international standard ISO 6954:2012 is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and quality of industrial machinery. However, to fully understand the importance of this standard, it is important to delve into its key components. This article will explore the origin and purpose of ISO 6954:2012, as well as the principles outlined in ISO 14187:2012.

Origin and Purpose of EN ISO 6954:2012

ISO 6954:2012 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide guidance on the evaluation of performance characteristics of industrial machinery. The standard aims to ensure that machinery meets certain safety and quality criteria, promoting the well-being of workers and consumers.

Key Components of EN ISO 6954:2012

ISO 6954:2012 is composed of several key components, including:

Performance-based safety requirements: This component outlines the safety criteria that industrial machinery must meet to ensure the well-being of workers and consumers.

Performance evaluation procedures: This component outlines the procedures for evaluating the performance of industrial machinery, including testing, inspection, and measurement.

Test methods and requirements: This component outlines the various testing methods and requirements for industrial machinery, including the procedures for verifying the performance and safety of machinery.

Purpose of EN ISO 14187:2012

EN ISO 14187:2012 is a Technical Specification that provides guidelines for creating and writing easy-to-understand technical articles. The main objective of this standard is to enhance the accessibility and readability of technical articles, improving the clarity of information and reducing misunderstandings arising from poorly written technical content.

Key Principles of EN ISO 14187:2012

Clarity and simplicity: EN ISO 14187:2012 emphasizes the importance of clear and simple language in technical writing, making it easier for readers to understand complex technical concepts.

Accuracy and completeness: This standard also emphasizes the need for accuracy and completeness in technical articles, ensuring that readers are provided with all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Objectivity: EN ISO 14187:2012 promotes an objective approach to technical writing, presenting information in a fair and unbiased manner.


ISO 6954:2012 and EN ISO 14187:2012 are important technical standards that play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of industrial machinery. By understanding the key components and principles outlined in these standards, manufacturers and writers can create more effective and informative technical articles, promoting the well-being of workers and consumers.


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