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What is EN 166:2016?

The standard EN 166:2016 is a technical specification that provides guidelines for the manufacturing and testing of protective eyewear. It sets out the requirements for various types of eye protection devices, including safety glasses, goggles, and face shields. This standard ensures that these products meet specific criteria for impact resistance, optical clarity, and chemical resistance.

Requirements for Protective Eyewear

EN 166:2016 lays down the essential requirements for protective eyewear. These requirements include the durability and robustness of the materials used in the construction of the eyewear, along with the design, comfort, and fit for the wearer. The standard also defines the minimum performance requirements for various tests, such as resistance to impact from flying particles or high-speed particles, resistance to penetration by liquid droplets or splashes, and resistance to fogging.

Testing and Certification

To ensure compliance with EN 166:2016, protective eyewear must undergo rigorous testing by accredited laboratories. The tests evaluate the eyewear's ability to withstand specific hazards and ensure it provides adequate protection for the user. The certification process involves assessing whether the eyewear meets the requirements specified in the standard. Only when a product passes all the necessary tests can it receive the EN 166:2016 certification mark.

Why is EN 166:2016 Important?

The EN 166:2016 standard is crucial for both manufacturers and consumers of protective eyewear. For manufacturers, it serves as a benchmark for designing and producing eyewear that meets the highest safety standards. Compliance with this standard ensures that users are adequately protected from various occupational hazards and reduces the risk of eye injuries. For consumers, being aware of the EN 166:2016 standard enables them to make informed choices while purchasing protective eyewear, ensuring that they receive products of high quality and performance.


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