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What is EN ISO 23081:2006?

EN ISO 23081:2006 is a standard that provides guidelines for the implementation of records management systems within organizations. It defines the concepts and principles necessary for the creation, capture, organization, access, and retrieval of records throughout their lifecycle.

Importance of EN ISO 23081:2006

The implementation of EN ISO 23081:2006 is crucial for organizations as it ensures proper records management practices. Effective records management helps in maintaining accurate and reliable information, improves business processes, facilitates decision-making, and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Key Requirements of EN ISO 23081:2006

To comply with EN ISO 23081:2006, organizations need to establish a records management policy that aligns with their overall organizational objectives. They should identify and define their record types, create procedures for records capture and classification, establish retention periods, and implement measures for records security and preservation.

Benefits of EN ISO 23081:2006 Implementation

The implementation of EN ISO 23081:2006 brings various benefits to organizations. It enhances efficiency by ensuring quick and easy access to relevant records. It also supports knowledge management efforts by preserving valuable organizational information. Additionally, compliance with this standard reduces legal and regulatory risks associated with poor records management practices.


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