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What is IEC 60092-1214:2014?

IEC 60092-1214:2014 is an international standard that provides technical guidelines for the electrical installations in ships. It aims to ensure the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of electrical systems on board vessels. The standard covers various aspects of shipboard electrical systems, including design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

Importance of IEC 60092-1214:2014

The importance of IEC 60092-1214:2014 cannot be overstated when it comes to the safety of maritime operations. Ships are exposed to harsh and demanding environments with unique electrical requirements. The standard helps to regulate and harmonize the electrical systems on board, ensuring compatibility and reducing the risk of accidents or failures.

Compliance with IEC 60092-1214:2014 is essential for shipbuilders, operators, and crew members. Adhering to the guidelines laid out in the standard enables them to create and maintain safe electrical installations, preventing potential hazards such as electric shock, fire, or damage to equipment.

Main Provisions of IEC 60092-1214:2014

The standard covers a wide range of topics related to shipboard electrical systems. Some of the main provisions include:

Classification and construction requirements for electrical installations

Requirements for electrical distribution systems

Safety measures for electrical equipment

Protection against electric shock

Environmental considerations

Maintenance and testing procedures

These provisions provide detailed guidelines on the design, installation, and operation of electrical systems in ships. They address factors such as insulation, circuit protection, grounding, and electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the safety and reliability of shipboard electrical installations.


IEC 60092-1214:2014 plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems on board ships. Compliance with this international standard helps to minimize the risk of accidents, enhance the overall performance of electrical installations, and protect the lives of crew members and passengers. Shipbuilders, operators, and crew should familiarize themselves with the provisions of this standard and implement them diligently.


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