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What is BS EN 60793-2-40:2016?

BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 is a standard that specifies the classification and measurement methods for optical fibres. This standard provides the guidelines for evaluating different characteristics of optical fibres such as attenuation, refractive index profile, and mode field diameter. It also defines various parameters related to fibre geometry, transmission properties, and dynamic properties.

Classification and Measurement Methods

The standard classifies optical fibres into different categories based on their performance and characteristics. These categories include single-mode fibres, multi-mode fibres, and speciality fibres. Each category has specific requirements and metrics for measurement. The standard also outlines the testing methods and equipment to be used for accurate measurements of key parameters.

Evaluating Optical Fibre Performance

BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 helps in evaluating the performance of optical fibres by measuring parameters such as attenuation, refractive index profile, and mode field diameter. Attenuation refers to the loss of signal strength as it travels through the fibre. The standard provides criteria to measure and classify the level of attenuation for different types of fibres.

Refractive index profile determines how light propagates through the fibre. It is an important characteristic that affects the performance of the fibre. The standard defines methods to measure and assess the refractive index profile to ensure consistency and reliability in optical communication systems.

Mode field diameter is another significant parameter that influences the performance of optical fibres. It determines the size of the mode field, which is the region through which light energy propagates. BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 specifies the measurement techniques for mode field diameter to ensure compatibility and interconnectivity between different fibre optic systems.

Benefits and Importance

BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 plays a crucial role in the telecommunication and data transmission industry. It provides a standardized framework for evaluating the performance of optical fibres, fostering compatibility and interchangeability among different components of fibre optic systems. This standard promotes quality control and ensures reliable communication links by defining precise measurement methods for key fibre parameters.

The adoption and implementation of BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 by manufacturers, service providers, and network operators help in maintaining uniformity and consistency in optical fibre technology. It enables seamless integration and interoperability between various fibre optic products and systems.

In conclusion, BS EN 60793-2-40:2016 is an essential standard that defines the classification and measurement methods for optical fibres. It assists in evaluating the performance, ensuring quality control, and promoting compatibility in the optical communication industry. Adhering to this standard leads to improved efficiency, reliability, and uniformity in fibre optic systems.


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