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What is EN 48584

In the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation, standards play a crucial role in ensuring safety, compatibility, and interoperability. One such standard that has gained significant importance is EN 48584. In this article, we will delve into the details of EN 48584, its purpose, scope, and its impact on the industry.

The Purpose of EN 48584

EN 48584, also known as "Industrial Communication Subsystems - Profiles for Installation", is a standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Its primary purpose is to define the profiles for installation of industrial communication systems.

These profiles include requirements and guidelines for the physical connection, transmission media, network architecture, and network management aspects of industrial communication systems. The standard focuses on ensuring compatibility between different devices and systems from various manufacturers.

Scope of EN 48584

The scope of EN 48584 encompasses various areas related to industrial communication subsystems. It includes specifications for cabling components, connectors, cables, installation practices, grounding, and electromagnetic compatibility.

This standard provides guidelines for designing, implementing, and maintaining reliable communication networks in industrial settings. It addresses the needs of different application fields, such as process control, factory automation, building automation, and power generation.

The Impact of EN 48584

EN 48584 has had a significant impact on the industrial communication sector. By providing standardized profiles and guidelines, it has facilitated seamless integration and interoperability between devices and systems from different vendors.

The standard has been instrumental in improving the reliability and performance of industrial communication networks. It has enabled efficient communication between various devices used in factories, power plants, process plants, and other industrial facilities, leading to enhanced productivity and safety.

In addition, EN 48584 has simplified the installation process of industrial communication systems by specifying requirements for cabling components and installation practices. This has resulted in cost savings and reduced complexity for both manufacturers and end-users.


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