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What is UL 60947-2:2020?

UL 60947-2:2020 is a widely recognized technical standard that deals with the safety of low voltage switchgear and controlgear devices. It sets out specific requirements for the design, construction, and testing of these devices to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

Why is UL 60947-2:2020 important?

UL 60947-2:2020 is important because it helps protect people and property from electrical hazards. Switchgear and controlgear devices are used in various applications, such as power distribution systems, motor control centers, and industrial machinery. Compliance with UL 60947-2:2020 ensures that these devices meet a set of rigorous safety standards and guidelines.

The standard covers several aspects, including electrical insulation, temperature rise limits, short-circuit withstand strength, material properties, and mechanical performance. By adhering to these requirements, manufacturers can produce products that are less likely to fail and cause accidents or damage.

Key requirements of UL 60947-2:2020

UL 60947-2:2020 specifies various requirements that switchgear and controlgear devices must meet:

1. Electrical insulation: The devices should have adequate insulation to prevent electric shock and minimize the risk of short circuits.

2. Temperature rise limits: The devices should not exceed specified temperature limits during normal operation, preventing overheating and potential fire hazards.

3. Short-circuit withstand strength: The devices must be able to withstand short-circuit currents without causing excessive damage or endangering people nearby.

4. Material properties: The materials used in the devices should have appropriate properties such as flame resistance, mechanical strength, and durability.

5. Mechanical performance: The devices should be designed and constructed to withstand normal operating conditions, including vibration, thermal cycling, and mechanical stresses.


In summary, UL 60947-2:2020 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of low voltage switchgear and controlgear devices. By adhering to its requirements, manufacturers can produce products that meet strict safety standards, protecting both users and property from potential electrical hazards. Compliance with this standard is essential for any company involved in the design, manufacturing, or installation of these devices.


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