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What is BS EN ISO 17066:2018

The BS EN ISO 17066:2018 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the selection, installation, and maintenance of fall protection systems for use in industrial environments. This standard aims to ensure worker safety and prevent accidents related to falls from heights.

Understanding the Scope

The BS EN ISO 17066:2018 covers a wide range of topics related to fall protection systems. It includes requirements for the design, construction, and testing of these systems, as well as guidelines for their installation and ongoing maintenance. The standard also addresses the training and certification of personnel involved in working with or around fall protection systems.

Key Components

There are several key components outlined in the BS EN ISO 17066:2018 that are essential for an effective fall protection system. These include anchorage points, connectors, body harnesses, and shock absorbers. Each component must meet specific performance and quality standards to ensure reliable and safe operation.

In addition to the physical components, the standard also emphasizes the importance of thorough risk assessment and hazard identification. Employers are required to evaluate the work environment and identify potential fall hazards, implementing appropriate control measures to minimize risks.

The Benefits of Compliance

Adhering to the BS EN ISO 17066:2018 brings numerous benefits to both employers and employees. By following the guidelines outlined in the standard, employers can reduce the risk of workplace accidents, which not only protects the well-being of their workforce but also avoids costly litigation and penalties related to non-compliance.

Employees benefit from a safer work environment, reducing the likelihood of injury or even fatalities resulting from falls. Compliance with the standard ensures that fall protection systems are properly installed, maintained, and inspected, providing workers with the necessary protection and peace of mind while working at heights.


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