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What is BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021?

The BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021 is a standard that provides guidelines and requirements for records management within an organization. The standard focuses on the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of a records management system. It outlines the processes and controls necessary to effectively manage records throughout their lifecycle.

Why is BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021 Important?

Effective records management is crucial for organizations in maintaining accountability, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and supporting strategic decision-making. The BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021 standard ensures that records are managed systematically, transparently, and in a way that aligns with the organization's goals and objectives.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021

1. Records Management Policy: This element requires the development and implementation of a records management policy that outlines the organization's commitment to effective records management and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Responsibility and Authority: This element emphasizes the need for clearly defined roles and responsibilities for individuals involved in records management, ensuring accountability and effective decision-making.

3. Records Inventoryaccurate inventory of records is essential to understand what information is being managed and identify any gaps or deficiencies. This element promotes the creation of a comprehensive records inventory.

4. Classification and Control: Proper classification and control of records enable easy retrieval, use, and disposition. This element focuses on developing a classification system and implementing controls to ensure the integrity and security of records.

5. Access and Use: Authorized access to records and appropriate use of information are fundamental to efficient records management. This element emphasizes the need for clear procedures regarding access, use, and sharing of records.

6. Retention and Disposition: This element addresses the retention and disposition of records, including the development of retention schedules and procedures for the secure disposal or transfer of records when they are no longer needed.

7. Monitoring and Auditing: Regular monitoring and auditing of records management processes are necessary to assess compliance, effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement. This element promotes the establishment of monitoring mechanisms and regular audits.

8. Training and Awareness: Ensuring that employees are trained and aware of proper records management practices is crucial for successful implementation. This element highlights the importance of ongoing training and awareness programs.

9. Continuous Improvement: The BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021 standard emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in records management processes based on feedback, evaluation, and changing organizational needs.


The BS EN ISO 15489-1:2021 standard provides organizations with a framework to establish effective records management systems. By adhering to this standard, organizations can improve accountability, comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and support decision-making processes. Implementing the key elements outlined in the standard ensures that records are managed systematically and transparently throughout their lifecycle.


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