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What is EN ISO 3418: 2014 ?

EN ISO 3418: 2014 and EN ISO 3898: 2014 are both international standards that provide guidelines for writing effective technical and Easy-to-Read documents. respectively. These standards aim to ensure that the content is well-organized. easy to understand. and accessible to a wider audience.

EN ISO 3418: 2014 is a technical standard that focuses on providing guidelines for writing thorough technical articles. It emphasizes the use of clear language. logical structure. and appropriate formatting to enhance readability and comprehension. The standard specifies requirements for the formatting of technical documents. including font. font size. line spacing. and. EN ISO 3898: 2014. on the other hand. is an international standard that specifies the requirements for a writing system called "Easy-to-Read". It is designed to make texts more accessible and understandable for people with cognitive disabilities or low literacy levels. The standard outlines principles and rules for creating easy-to-read texts. including guidelines for sentence structure. vocabulary. and layout.

Both EN ISO 3418: 2014 and EN ISO 3898: 2014 are designed to improve the readability and accessibility of the content. By following these guidelines. writers can create more effective and user-friendly documents that are easier to understand and maintain.


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