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What is BS EN ISO 14020:2012 ?

Title: What is BS EN ISO 14020:2012? A Comprehensive Guide

Software documentation is a crucial aspect of software development, as it helps developers, users, and other stakeholders understand the software's functionality, features, and benefits. However, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of software documentation can be a challenging task. This is where BS EN ISO 14020:2012 comes in, as it provides guidelines for writing and presenting technical documents that are clear, concise, and professional.

Purpose of BS EN ISO 14020:2012:

BS EN ISO 14020:2012 is a technical standard that aims to address the need for standardized documentation practices in the software industry. It is designed to enhance the clarity and consistency of software documentation, enabling developers, maintainers, and users to comprehend and utilize the software effectively. By providing guidelines on various aspects of documentation, such as structure, content, style, and presentation, BS EN ISO 14020:2012 helps ensure that software documentation meets certain standards, making it easier to maintain and update.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 14020:2012:

BS EN ISO 14020:2012 provides guidelines on various aspects of software documentation, including structure, content, style, and presentation. Some of the key elements of this standard include:

Structure: BS EN ISO 14020:2012 outlines the standard format for software documentation, including the use of hierarchical structures, tables, and other visual aids. It also recommends the use of consistent naming conventions for files and folders.

Content: The standard emphasizes the importance of documenting the software's functionality, features, and benefits in a clear and concise manner. It recommends using natural language and avoiding jargon or technical jargon whenever possible.

Style: BS EN ISO 14020:2012 offers guidance on the use of fonts, colors, and other visual elements to make documentation more engaging and easier to read. It also recommends using a consistent style throughout the documentation.

Presentation: The standard provides guidelines on how to present the documentation, including the use of screenshots, diagrams, and other visual aids. It recommends presenting the documentation in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.


BS EN ISO 14020:2012 is an essential standard for software documentation. By following its guidelines, developers, maintainers, and users can ensure that their software documentation is clear, concise, and professional, making it easier to understand and use. By standardizing software documentation practices, the software industry can improve communication, collaboration, and overall quality, leading to better software products and services for customers.


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