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What is IEC EN 60598-2-20?

IEC EN 60598-2-20 refers to an international standard that outlines the safety requirements for lighting fixtures. It provides guidelines and regulations for manufacturers, designers, and users in order to ensure the safety and proper functioning of these devices. This technical article aims to explain the basics of IEC EN 60598-2-20 in a simple and understandable way.

Importance of IEC EN 60598-2-20

The purpose of IEC EN 60598-2-20 is to establish minimum requirements for the safe operation of lighting fixtures. This standard is crucial as it helps prevent accidents, fires, and other safety hazards caused by faulty or inadequate lighting installations. By complying with these guidelines, manufacturers can ensure their products meet specific safety criteria, while users can select and install lighting fixtures that are safe and reliable.

Key Requirements of IEC EN 60598-2-20

IEC EN 60598-2-20 covers various aspects related to the safety of lighting fixtures. Some of the key requirements include:

Protection against electric shock: The standard specifies measures to prevent electrical shocks and includes regulations on insulation, grounding, and protective earthing.

Protection against mechanical hazards: Lighting fixtures must be designed and constructed to withstand mechanical stresses, such as impact and vibration, which might occur during installation or maintenance.

Thermal management: The standard sets parameters for the temperature rise of lighting fixtures to avoid overheating, which could lead to fire or damage to the fixture's components.

Resistance to environmental conditions: Lighting fixtures must be able to endure specified environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature variations, and exposure to chemicals, without compromising their safety or performance.

Compliance and Certification

In order to ensure compliance with the IEC EN 60598-2-20 standard, manufacturers undergo testing and certification processes. These procedures aim to verify that the lighting fixtures meet all the necessary safety requirements specified by the standard. Third-party certification bodies conduct tests on samples of the product to assess their compliance, and if successful, a certificate is provided to confirm adherence to the standard.

In conclusion, IEC EN 60598-2-20 is an important international standard for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of lighting fixtures. Compliance with this standard allows manufacturers to produce safe products, while users can be confident in selecting and installing lighting fixtures that meet specific safety criteria. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in IEC EN 60598-2-20, accidents, fires, and other safety hazards related to lighting installations can be prevented.


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