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What is ISO-FDIS 22320:2017?

ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 is a technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provides guidance on the use of emergency management. It aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency management in both public and private sectors. This article will provide a thorough of ISO-FDIS 22320:2017, discussing its key components and implications.

Key Components of ISO-FDIS 22320:2017

ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 consists of several key components that define essential requirements for effective emergency management:

1. Principles and Concepts: This section outlines the fundamental principles and concepts of emergency management, including clear roles and responsibilities, coordination mechanisms, and integrated planning.

2. Command and Control: ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 emphasizes the importance of a command structure that enables effective decision-making, communication, and coordination during emergencies.

3. Operational Planning: This component focuses on developing comprehensive emergency plans, considering risk assessment, resource allocation, training, exercises, and evaluation processes.

4. Communication and Information Management: ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 stresses the need for efficient communication systems and processes to ensure timely and accurate information exchange between stakeholders.

5. Resource Management: Efficient resource management, including personnel, equipment, and infrastructure, is vital to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies.

Implications of ISO-FDIS 22320:2017

ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 has several implications for organizations and governments:

1. Improved Emergency Response: By following the principles and components outlined in ISO-FDIS 22320:2017, organizations can enhance their emergency response capabilities, leading to better outcomes during incidents.

2. Enhanced Collaboration: The standard emphasizes the importance of coordination and cooperation between different stakeholders involved in emergency management, facilitating effective collaboration.

3. Increased Preparedness: ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 encourages organizations to develop and maintain comprehensive emergency plans, ensuring preparedness for various disaster scenarios.

4. Efficient Resource Allocation: The focus on resource management enables organizations to allocate resources more effectively, optimizing response efforts and minimizing disruptions.


ISO-FDIS 22320:2017 serves as a valuable tool for organizations and governments to improve their emergency management capabilities. By adhering to its principles and implementing its key components, entities can enhance their preparedness, response, and recovery efforts during emergencies. Adopting this technical standard can ultimately help save lives, protect assets, and mitigate the impact of disasters.


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