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What is IEC 60598-21:2013?

IEC 60598-21:2013 is an international standard that deals with the safety requirements for the lighting equipment used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This standard sets out specific guidelines and test methods to ensure that the lighting equipment is safe for use and does not pose any risk to individuals or property.

Scope of IEC 60598-21:2013

The scope of IEC 60598-21:2013 covers a wide range of lighting equipment, including luminaires, lamps, control devices, and accessories. It provides requirements for both electrical safety and mechanical construction of the equipment. The standard ensures that the lighting products meet certain quality and performance criteria, making them suitable for their intended use.

Key Requirements of IEC 60598-21:2013

IEC 60598-21:2013 lays down various key requirements that lighting equipment must comply with. These requirements include:

Safeguard against electric shock: The standard specifies insulation requirements and protection against contact with live parts to prevent electric shock hazards.

Protection against thermal effects: It prescribes thermal tests to ensure that the equipment can dissipate heat effectively and prevent overheating.

Mechanical strength and stability: The standard sets out criteria for the mechanical strength and stability of lighting equipment to ensure they are structurally robust.

Resistance to fire: It establishes rules for the behavior of lighting equipment in case of a fire to reduce the risk of spreading flames or emitting toxic gases.

Compliance and Certification

In many countries, compliance with IEC 60598-21:2013 is mandatory for lighting equipment to be sold and used. Manufacturers must subject their products to testing by accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with the standard. Once a product successfully meets all the requirements, it can receive certification marks, such as the CE mark indicating conformity with European standards.

In conclusion, IEC 60598-21:2013 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of lighting equipment. It provides manufacturers, regulators, and consumers with clear guidelines for evaluating these products. Compliance with this standard guarantees that the lighting equipment we use every day is reliable, efficient, and safe.


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