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What is EN ISO 14146:2021?

EN ISO 14146:2021 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the measurement and assessment of hand-transmitted vibration. This standard aims to protect workers from the potential health risks associated with exposure to vibration in the workplace.

Measuring Hand-Transmitted Vibration

The first step in complying with EN ISO 14146:2021 is to measure hand-transmitted vibration accurately. This involves using specialized tools such as accelerometers to quantify the magnitude and frequency of vibration that is transmitted to the hands.

These measurements can be taken on various handheld tools and equipment, such as power drills, chainsaws, and jackhammers, as well as on vehicles like tractors and forklifts. The data collected helps determine the level of risk posed by the vibration and allows for appropriate measures to be taken to safeguard workers' health.

Assessing Vibrational Exposures

Once the measurements are obtained, EN ISO 14146:2021 provides guidance on assessing the vibrational exposures workers face. The standard sets out criteria to determine whether these exposures exceed the specified limits, known as exposure action values (EAV) and exposure limit values (ELV).

If the measured exposures exceed the EAV, employers are required to implement actions such as reducing exposure time, implementing control measures, or providing suitable protective equipment. When the exposures surpass the ELV, immediate action should be taken to eliminate or minimize vibration at its source.

Protecting Workers' Health

EN ISO 14146:2021 plays a crucial role in protecting workers' health by ensuring that employers assess and manage the risks associated with hand-transmitted vibration. By following the guidelines and requirements outlined in this standard, employers can implement effective control measures to minimize potential health hazards.

It is essential for employers to provide proper training and instruction to their workers regarding the risks and safe use of vibrating tools and equipment. Regular monitoring and assessment of exposure levels, as well as adopting preventive maintenance practices, are also important in safeguarding workers' health.


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