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What is UL 1738Ed2 ?

Title: What is UL 1738Ed2 and How Does it Help?


UL 1738Ed2 is a technical standard published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) that outlines guidelines and criteria for the classification, testing, and evaluation of aerosol extinguishing agents. UL 1726, on the other hand, is a standard specific to electrically operated apparel in hazardous locations. Both standards are designed to ensure the safety and reliability of the products they govern. In this article, we will discuss the key aspects of both standards and their importance in ensuring safety in various industries.

Understanding UL 1726

UL 1726 is a standard that focuses on the safety requirements for electrically operated apparel used in hazardous environments. It establishes guidelines and criteria for ensuring that these products are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet certain performance and safety standards. The primary objective of UL 1726 is to minimize the risk of fire, explosion, and worker injuries associated with electrically powered garments.

To achieve this goal, UL 1726 provides guidelines on the materials, construction, testing, and labeling of electrically operated apparel. It also establishes requirements for the testing of electrical safety components, such as electrical continuity, insulation resistance, and voltage drop, to ensure they meet industry standards.

The Importance of UL 1726

The safety of workers in hazardous environments is critical, and UL 1726 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of electrically operated apparel. By adhering to the guidelines and criteria outlined in UL 1726, manufacturers can offer reliable products that minimize the risks of fire incidents and worker injuries.

UL 1738Ed2: The Standard for Aerosol extinguishing Agents

UL 1738Ed2 is a standard published by UL that pertains specifically to aerosol extinguishing agents. It outlines the requirements these agents must meet for optimal performance and safety. The primary objective of UL 1738Ed2 is to ensure that aerosol extinguishing agents effectively suppress fires and minimize potential dangers associated with their deployment.

Key Requirements of UL 1738Ed2

To comply with the guidelines and criteria outlined in UL 1738Ed2, manufacturers must ensure that their aerosol extinguishing agents meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

Performance: The agent must be able to suppress fires for a minimum duration of time.

Safety: The agent must not pose a risk to workers or the environment.

Reliability: The agent must perform consistently and reliably in a variety of testing conditions.

Durability: The agent must be able to withstand the conditions in which it will be used, including high temperature, low temperature, and exposure to various chemicals.


UL 1738Ed2 and UL 1726 are both crucial standards that help ensure the safety and reliability of various products. By adhering to the guidelines and criteria outlined in these standards, manufacturers can offer reliable and safe products that minimize the risks associated with their deployment. As industries increasingly recognize the importance of safety and reliability, the demand for these standards will continue to grow.


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