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What is BS EN ISO 123691:2018

The BS EN ISO 123691:2018 is a widely recognized international standard that focuses on the technical aspects of a particular industry. It provides guidelines and specifications that organizations can use to ensure their products, processes, and services meet the required quality standards.

Introduction to BS EN ISO 123691:2018

BS EN ISO 123691:2018, also known as "Technical products documentation - Organization and naming of layers for CAD - Part 1: and principles," is a comprehensive standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This standard outlines the principles and guidelines for organizing and naming layers in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. It aims to improve communication, collaboration, and efficiency among professionals involved in CAD design and drafting.

Key Features and Benefits

BS EN ISO 123691:2018 provides a systematic and structured approach to layer organization in CAD software. It defines a standardized naming convention for layers, ensuring consistency and clarity across different projects and disciplines.

By following this standard, organizations can streamline their CAD workflows and reduce errors caused by miscommunication or inconsistent layer management. This leads to improved productivity, faster project completion, and enhanced overall quality of deliverables.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 123691:2018 facilitates collaboration between multiple teams or stakeholders working on a CAD project. With a common layer organization system in place, design modifications, revisions, and file exchanges become more efficient and accurate.

Implementation and Compliance

Implementing BS EN ISO 123691:2018 requires the adoption of its guidelines and recommendations within the CAD software used by the organization. This may involve customizing settings, creating templates, or developing software add-ons to align with the standard.

It is essential for organizations to train their CAD professionals and educate them about the benefits and best practices of BS EN ISO 123691:2018. This ensures that everyone adheres to the standard and understands how to organize and manage layers effectively.

Organizations seeking compliance and certification to BS EN ISO 123691:2018 may undergo audits or assessments to validate their adherence to the standard's requirements. Compliance demonstrates a commitment to quality, consistency, and industry best practices.


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