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What is ISO-TS 18268:2017?

ISO-TS 18268:2017 is an international standard that sets guidelines and requirements for the evaluation of coating thickness on metallic substrates. Coating thickness plays a vital role in determining the durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal of metal products. This technical specification provides a systematic approach to accurately measure and assess the thickness of coatings using non-destructive testing methods.

Why is Coating Thickness Measurement Important?

Coating thickness measurement is crucial in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing. Accurate coating thickness ensures that the desired protective properties are achieved. It helps to prevent corrosion, enhance adhesion, optimize conductivity, and maintain product quality. Additionally, measuring coating thickness is vital for compliance with regulatory standards and specifications.

Methods for Coating Thickness Evaluation

ISO-TS 18268:2017 outlines several methods for coating thickness evaluation. These include magnetic induction, eddy current, X-ray fluorescence, and beta backscatter. Each method has its strengths and limitations, making it suitable for specific applications. Factors such as substrate material, coating type, and required accuracy influence the choice of measurement technique. The standard provides detailed procedures and calibration requirements for each method to ensure reliable and consistent results.

Benefits and Applications

The implementation of ISO-TS 18268:2017 brings several benefits to industries and end-users. It enables manufacturers to control the thickness of coatings during production, ensuring compliance with design specifications. Accurate measurement facilitates quality control processes and reduces the risk of product failure due to inadequate coating thickness. Moreover, this standard promotes international harmonization of coating thickness evaluation, fostering efficient trade practices and product compatibility across borders.


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