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What is IEC TR 61000-4-19:2019?

IEC TR 61000-4-19:2019 is a technical report published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that provides guidance on how to measure and assess the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment to conducted disturbances induced by high-frequency fields. The purpose of this report is to help manufacturers, testing laboratories, and other industry professionals understand the relevant standards and methods for testing electromagnetic compatibility.

Scope of IEC TR 61000-4-19:2019

This technical report focuses specifically on conducted disturbances induced by fields generated by radio communication transmitters operating in line with international regulations. It covers the frequency range up to 400 GHz. The scope includes various types of electrical and electronic equipment, including industrial, scientific, medical devices, and information technology equipment.

Testing Methods and Procedures

The technical report provides detailed information on the test setups, equipment, procedures, and performance criteria for assessing the immunity of equipment to conducted disturbances induced by high-frequency fields. It outlines the steps required to conduct tests, including the preparation of the test setup, selection of suitable test signals, and evaluation of test results.

In addition, the report discusses various considerations related to measuring conducted disturbances, such as measurement uncertainty, calibration, and data analysis. It also includes specific examples and practical recommendations for implementing the testing procedures described in the document.

Benefits and Importance

Compliance with the guidelines provided in IEC TR 61000-4-19:2019 ensures that electrical and electronic equipment can operate without disruption or malfunctions in the presence of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. By following the recommended testing procedures, manufacturers can verify the effectiveness of their equipment's immunity and make any necessary adjustments to improve its performance.

For consumers, compliance with this technical report provides assurance that the electronic devices they use are resistant to disturbances induced by radio frequency transmitters. It ensures that the equipment will continue to function as intended in various environments where high-frequency fields may be present, minimizing potential issues and ensuring reliable operation.


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