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Where are low voltage relays located?

Low voltage relays play a crucial role in electrical systems by controlling the flow of electricity and protecting various components from overloads. These relays are strategically located at specific points within electrical circuits to ensure efficient operation and prevent potential damage. This article will explore the typical locations where low voltage relays are installed, providing insights into their significance and functionality.

In control panels and distribution boards

One common location for low voltage relays is within control panels and distribution boards. These panels serve as central hubs for managing electrical circuits, making them an ideal spot to place relays. Inside these cabinets, relays are arranged systematically, connecting different circuits and allowing for easy monitoring and control. Placing relays here ensures quick access for maintenance purposes and streamlines the overall system management process.

Near power outlets and switches

Another significant location for low voltage relays is near power outlets and switches. Relays placed in close proximity to these points enable efficient control over individual loads and appliances. For example, a relay connected to a power outlet can be remotely operated to turn on or off connected devices, providing convenience and energy-saving benefits. Placing relays near switches also allows for centralized control, where multiple circuits can be managed concurrently.

Within motor control centers

In large-scale industrial setups, low voltage relays can often be found within motor control centers (MCCs). These centers house relays alongside other necessary components, such as motor starters and overload protection devices. MCCs are responsible for regulating and safeguarding the operation of motors, making them an ideal location for relays. Within motor control centers, relays form an essential part of the circuitry, enabling precise control and ensuring safe operation of motors.


Low voltage relays are strategically located at critical points within electrical systems to ensure efficient control and protection. They can be found in control panels, distribution boards, near power outlets and switches, as well as within motor control centers. Understanding the locations where these relays are installed provides valuable insights into their purpose and functionality, enabling effective management and maintenance of electrical systems.


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