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UL plug and socket gauge UL498 List


Figure No. Description
1 UL498-figure9.1 Articulate probe with web stop
2 UL498-figure10.1 Prode
3 UL498-figure31.1 Flat prode
4 UL498-figure69.1 Reference plug
5 UL498-figure94.1 Impoper insertion test blades
6 UL498-figure105.1 Test plug
7 UL498-figure105.2 Test blade
8 UL498-figure118.1 Receptacle test fixture
9 UL498-figure118.3 Push out tool
10 UL498-figure118.5 Bridge
11 UL498-figure119.1 Test pin A
12 UL498-figure119.2 Test pin B
13 UL498-figure119.3 57g ground pin
14 UL498-figure119.4 113g ground pin
15 UL498-figure129.2 No.14AWG test pin
16 UL498-figure132.1 Test probe
17 UL498-figure132.2 Test probe
18 UL498-figure144.2 Fixture for assembly security test
19 UL498-figureSD13.2 Over size ground pin



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