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Standards Institute of Israel

The Standards Institution of Israel - Sii is a state owned corporation responsible for setting standards for products and services provided in Israel, testing and certification of products (by providing standards "stamp of approval") and verifying that the certified products maintain their quality over time. The authority of the Institute are defined in the Law of Standards (1953). The Institute is located in theRamat Aviv neighborhood in Tel Aviv near the Tel Aviv University.

The Standards Institution of Israel was established in order to serve the citizens of Israel and regulate Standards and certifications. Established in 1945 by the Society of Engineers and Architects in Israel. The Standard Institute of Israel is registered as a company and independently set its own standards, using standard practices, such as quality testing, conducting surveys and studies.

The Standard Institute of Israel was established due to a need to expand the "Materials Testing Laboratory", established in 1923, also by the Society of Engineers and Architects in Israel to check the quality of building materials. It was only 30 years after the establishment of the laboratory, in 1953, that the Institute was legally acknowledged as the only authority for setting Israeli standards.

The primary task of the Standards Institute of Israel is to serve the Israeli industry and elements of the national economy. In addition to setting standards and enforcing them, the Institute ensures quality control, does international market surveys, conducts extensive studies about markets for various products. It also works at improving production processes and inventing new ones.

The Standards Institution of Israel is The national infrastructure for standardization and quality to facilitate social and economic growth, and to protect the safety and health of the citizens of Israel.



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