RK2675WM Current Leakage Tester Instruction Manual

Current leakage tester (contact current tester) is used for testing the leakage current, not relating with work, which the working power source (or other power source) of electrical appliance occurs through insulted or distributed parameter
impedance. Its input impedance simulates body's impedance and meets the requirements of GB4706.1-2002. RK series leakage tester is designed according to the following safety standards: IEC, ISO, BS, UL, JIS. This unit is not attached with separated power source, therefore, it is not limited by the power of the electrical appliance under test and has wide applicable scope. The voltage meter built in this unit can measure voltage 0-250V. This unit is suitable for testing various household electrical appliances, power sources, electrical motors, dish washing machine, washing machine, centrifugal spin-drier, microwave oven, induction cooker, electrical oven, electrical chafing dish, electric cooker, fanner, medical treatment, chemical, electronic apparatus, meters, whole machines, and current leakage of strong current system, and it is also necessary for testing current leakage for laboratory or technical supervision department.




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